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Building Tinting Specialist Malaysia

Windows play a vital role in everyone's home. However, they cause many issues, ranging from excessive glare, heat buildup, and high energy expenses to premature fading of carpets, furniture, and draperies. We have hot weather all year in Malaysia, and heat is always a problem. Nonetheless, we can conserve energy and reduce glare damage to our furniture by installing house window tint. UV Gard is well known for providing house window tint Malaysia services for over fifteen years. Our home window tint comes with a 7-10 year warranty. We import our house window tint film from the United States. A Solar window film, also known as solar control window film, is a thin plastic or polymer layer applied to your existing windows to help control light and heat.

Why Is Home Tinting Important?

Installing home window tint can save you money on electricity bills by lowering your home's temperature.  We offer a wide selection of high-quality sun control window film. Our solar control window film is spectrally designed to resist the severe temperatures and massive amounts of direct sun exposure that automobiles and buildings are subjected to regularly. In our humid tropical climate, window tinting is necessary for sun protection. And with an increase in vehicle-related crimes, safety and security are crucial factors to consider when selecting a tint solution.

Professional Tinting Services

House window tint malaysia

Professional installation of your window film is just as vital as the brand you choose, and UV Gard house window tint Malaysia is only installed by our best specialists. Your house is your haven. Your loved ones will benefit from improved comfort, increased security and privacy, and better protection against the unexpected with UV Gard window tint, giving you greater peace of mind. UV Gard home window tint Malaysia provides the comfort and security you require in your car, home, or work. If you are looking for a reputed home window tint Malaysia, UV Gard will be able to satisfy your needs. Contact us for more information or to set an appointment.